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What is a window pane?

A window is typically made up of more than one pane. A “pane of glass” is a piece of glass surrounded by a frame on all sides. You will want to count each individual pane of glass separately. Just remember that if a window is separated by a frame, it counts as more than one

How do I count my window panes?

Most of our clients find it is easiest to gather their own pane count. This is typically a fast and easy process that will allow your scheduler to give you an estimate of the cost of the job. We recommend that you take a pen and paper and walk the perimeter of your home to count up the window panes. Our over-the-phone estimates are primarily for your convenience and to give us an idea of the scope of work involved as well as the amount of time the job will take.

Does the size of the window pane matter?

The size of each window pane does not matter.  We just ask that you get a count of each individual pane to get the most accurate estimate for your window cleaning job. We do not want you to have to guess at how we arrived at our prices!

What if I have french windows?

Another type of window pane is the French pane.  They are counted in their own category because we charge less per pane to clean them.  An individual window pane that is divided into several small sections is typically counted as $1 per small section. Be careful not to count removable grids (mullions or inserts) as French panes. They are removed and then the glass is cleaned like a normal pane. It is an extra charge for O'Bros. to remove, clean, and replace these inserts.

How do you clean the screens, tracks, and sills?

We scrub your window tracks, sills, and screens with soap and microfiber scrubbers/towels that trap dust and dirt. We then follow this up with a wipe-down/detail using a microfiber towel. They will look really nice when we are done, but they will not be perfect. We don't use Q-Tips and magnifying glasses, but our process gets them looking 90% better.

What is pure water cleaning, and how does your system for the hard-to-reach outside windows work?

Pure Water Cleaning is a state of the art method that gives your windows the best possible cleaning. Our specialized water pole feeds de-ionized water up to a brush to allow us to scrub windows and loosen stubborn dirt. After a rinse, this particulate free water means your windows will dry spot free (just like a spot-free car wash). Not only is this process incredibly efficient, but it also reduces the need for ladders while still allowing us to clean your hard to reach windows. This provides increased safety for your home/property and O'Bros. Windows Technicians.

Where can I find reviews from previous customers?

You can click this link here to view our customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Angie's List, Thumbtack, and Facebook.


How are storm windows counted?

Storm windows are windows installed outside of normal windows to protect your home from low temperatures and street noise. Usually the outside window is a thin framed glass that slides up and down. So, storm windows have DOUBLE the window panes as regular windows.

I want the inside and outside of my windows cleaned. How do I count panes?

No.  You can count from the inside or the outside of your home, but only count each pane once.  Like any flat object, a pane has two sides — but there’s still just one pane. We are only asking for the number of panes.

What can I expect of your service from start to finish?

Our commitment is to provide outstanding service, while being respectful of you, your home/business, and your time. We understand that your life is busy, and we want to ensure that we are as least disruptive to your schedule as possible. Due to this, we always send an estimate to you via email for you to review before our arrival. Upon agreement of service, we will decide on an appointment date and time that fits for both parties (usually an arrival window of 9-9:30 am or 1-1:30 pm. We send a reminder email confirmation of appointment 24-48 hours prior to your service. Our arrival times are kept within a half-hour window, and we will notify you of any possible changes to the arrival time. Upon arrival, we will introduce ourselves and take walk-through of the home to ensure that the provided estimate is accurate. During this time, we will look for anything that is out of the ordinary that may need further attention/clarification. We will confirm any changes to the estimate and will begin work after a signature is provided on the official estimate/receipt form. Once we begin working, there is nothing you need to do whatsoever! When we finish, we always take a final walk-through of your residence/busienss to ensure that everything is in order. Check, cash, or credit card payment is accepted on-site after service is performed. Finally, a parting gift is provided and optional second service appointment is made before we leave.

How often should my windows be cleaned?

If windows have not been cleaned for extended periods of time, it may take multiple cleanings to really clean the majority of years of dirt, hard water stains, etc. This is why we build our business on repeat customers who schedule our services a minimum of 2x/year to upkeep window-health.

I have a family friend who would really like their windows cleaned. Do you offer any referral discounts?

Absolutely! Our company is built on our wonderful repeat customers who refer their friends and family! For each family member or friend referred, you receive $15, and they receive $15 too!

What kinds of discount deals do you offer?

We are built on serving customers over the long haul. Due to this, we offer discounts on the 2nd appointment of the calendar year and/or when booking a multi-service appointment (window + gutter cleaning). So, for example, if you had a spring cleaning appointment, we would give you $15 on a fall cleaning appointment of that same year. In addition, if you wanted your gutters cleaned in the fall, we would give you $15 if you added window cleaning to the service appointment. Finally, we offer $15 for every friend or family member you refer to us!